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Medicare Express Services/West Texas Brokers, Inc. is proud to provide our Agents with the best Medicare Advantage Products available. 

We take pride in our loyalty and commitment to serve our agents with the upmost integrity.   

TOP COMMISSIONS - Our goal is to provide our agents with the highest commissions --  paid in the most timely manner possible.   We pledge to provide distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service as we strive to gain the respect and trust of our Agents and Clients.

We know that the heart of our business begins with our Agents. We are constantly striving to create longevity by realizing that the better our Agents are able to do; the better we do -- it becomes a "win/win" situation for everyone.

We strive to always provide superior support, highly effective lead appointment programs, continuous training, and the best Medicare Advantage Products available.



Medicare Express Services/West Texas Brokers, Inc. (WTB) is committed to creating strong loyalty and trust with our staff members, broker/agents, subcontractors, and all of our working partners. WTB, Inc. is an agency based on hard work, professionalism, high quality customer service and above all, compliance, trust, and integrity.


Angel Favela is our dedicated Compliance Officer. 

He maintains all aspects of compliance and ensures that Medicare Express Services/WTB, Inc. and it's Agent/Brokers are inline with all CMS Rules and Regulations. He is also available to our Agent/Brokers for questions concerning Plan Enrollment Application procedures and Marketing guidelines.


We are a “hands on” company that puts compliance at the forefront of every aspect of our business activities. We recognize the extreme importance of the member and the value of putting in place the policies and procedures that will ensure we put all compliance issues at the forefront of our program structure in order to prevent, detect, and correct any compliance errors or incidences of fraud, waste or abuse.


Our primary business focus is Medicare Advantage. This allows us to have training, implementation, and evaluation systems that directly pertain to Medicare Advantage.  We believe this puts us in a unique position to develop, implement, and evaluate our efforts and compliance program to fully align with every aspect of CMS


Medicare Express Services/WTB, Inc. is a company built by Agents for Agents.

Joe Gallegos is the founder, owner and operator. He has experienced first hand what it is like to be out in the field, fighting the competition, and working for commissions. 

He is committed to creating strong loyalty and trust with everyone of our Agents. He understands your obstacles, concerns, needs and desires; and he will work hard for you. 

With over 30 years of experience, he has worked hard to establish an agency based on hard work, professionalism, high quality customer service and above all, trust and integrity.