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We Focus on You

Medicare Express Services is dedicated to providing Healthcare Options to Seniors 65 and older.  That's why we work exclusively with Medicare Advantage Plans.    This  allows us to focus on your unique wants and needs.  

Medicare Express Services is dedicated to providing you with as many Senior Healthcare Plan Choices as possible so that we can provide you with the very best plan for you.   So we have access to a large variety of plans.    We have the most up to date information for each plan, the details of the different benefits, and will be able to answer your specific questions and provide you with in-depth information on each plan - giving you the ability to make the best choice  for you.

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Joe Gallegos 

Owner, Operator

Medicare Express Services  

West Texas Brokers, Inc.

Senior Healthcare Plan Specialists

Our Story

Medicare Express Services  was created from a desire to provide assistance and better choices to Seniors.

Joe Gallegos started out as an Insurance Agent.  He sold Health and Life insurance policies - doing what his Dad had done.   But he was constantly frustrated by the lack of benefits many Seniors had. Many couldn't even get the prescriptions they needed.  He was also disheartened by  the way some  agents often  took advantage of older customers.  Many Seniors  he talked to, didn't understand what plans  they had, how they worked, or where to go to get the help they needed.  

So in 2006, Joe started an agency focused on Healthcare Plans for Seniors.  An agency that constantly strives to provide the best service possible - by always putting the customers needs first.  He established an agency that is committed to creating a team of agents that are ethical, experienced, caring, knowledgeable, and able to work with Seniors to get them the benefits they need.

Medicare Express Services - was created to bring choice and trust directly to Seniors.  A company that provides a variety of Healthcare Plans - that give Seniors the options they deserve.  A company that is committed to creating a life long relationship with our customers.

So everyday we work hard to ensure that commitment continues.  

In everything we do - We're here for you. 

Our Mission

We are proud to provide our customers with a variety of Medicare Advantage Plans.  We represent a large number of Senior Healthcare Plans in order to give each customer the best choice for them.

We have worked hard to establish a company based on; hard work, professionalism, and high quality customer service.   We are committed to  creating strong loyalty and trust with our customers by establishing an environment that demands integrity, ethics, and honesty be at the cornerstone of everything we do. 

Our Privacy Policy

Medicare Express Services and West Texas Brokers, Inc. ( WTB) are dedicated to building lifelong relationships created by TRUST.  Therefore, we are committed to keeping your personal information private.    We DO NOT sell or share your personal information with any unauthorized third party.

Medicare Express Services operrated by WTB, Inc

Joe Gallegos, the founder, owner & operator of Medicare Express Services has over 30  years of experience.  He has a distinct knowledge of the healthcare industry and he understands your obstacles, concerns, needs and desires.

Medicare Express


Senior HEALTHCARE PLAN Solutions


Our Commitment to You

We are committed to integrity and honesty.  We want to create a long term relationship; ensuring you, that we will be here when you need us. 

We're here for you - every step of the way.  
We will provide you with a personal, licensed, experienced, and ethical agent to assist you with your Healthcare Plan choices, and will work with you to determine the best plan for you.

We will also ensure that your personal agent will continue to be there for you when your Healthcare plan goes into effect.  You personal agent will be there  to answer any questions you may have about your plan,  and will assist you to ensure that you get all the benefits your Medicare Health Plan has to offer. 

providing knowledge and  understanding GUIDING YOU TO BETTER HEALTHCARE OPTIONS

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